Park NX-Hybrid WLI

Bringing White Light Interferometry
into AFM for Semiconductor Metrology

Scan range

XY Scan Range: 100X100 µm,
Z Scan Range: 15 µm

Sample size

300 mm Wafer

The fully automated
industrial WLI-AFM

Park NX-Hybrid WLI is the first-ever AFM with built-in
WLI profilometry for semiconductor and related
manufacturing quality assurance, process control for
semiconductor front-end, back-end up to advanced
packaging, and R&D metrology. It is for those that
require high throughput measurements over a large
area that can zoom down to nanometer-scale
regions with sub-nano resolution and ultra-high

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  • Park NX-Hybrid WLI is the first ever AFM system
    with built in White Light Interferometer
    profilometry for R&D metrology, process control,
    and manufacturing quality assurance of semiconductor devices.
  • Park NX-Hybrid WLI provides high throughput
    imaging over a very large area with the WLI
    module, and nanoscale metrology with
    sub-angstrom height resolution over the areas of
    interest using AFM.
  • Park NX-Hybrid WLI offers the ultimate solution,
    ranging from large area scanning to nanoscale
    metrology, for various applications including
    quality assurance, automatic defect review,
    front-end semiconductor process control,
    and back-end advanced packaging.
  • Park NX-Hybrid WLI seamlessly integrates an
    automated industrial AFM system and a WLI
    profilometer, bringing significant cost savings,
    reduced tool footprint, and new metrology
    solutions compared to the previous two tool solution.

The two best
technologies for
semiconductor metrology

  • WLI : White light interferometry is an optical
    technique that can image a very wide area, very
    fast, producing high throughput measurements.
  • AFM : Atomic force microscopy is a scanning probe
    technique that delivers the highest nanoscale
    resolution measurements even for transparent materials.
Measurement Area Large Small
Speed High Low
Lateral Resolution Low High
Vertical Resolution High Very High
Accuracy Low High

WLI and AFM complement each other in field of
view, resolution, and speed

WLI applications requiring much
higher resolution and accuracy
beyond WLI capability

  • WAdvanced CMP metrology and monitoring
  • Advanced packaging
  • Hot-spot and defect detection on full reticle die
  • Wafer level metrology

AFM applications requiring much
higher throughput over much larger

  • In-line Wafer Metrology
  • Long Range Profiling for CMP Characterization
  • Sub-Angstrom Surface Roughness Control
  • Wafer Inspection and Analysis

NX-Hybrid WLI features

Park WLI System

  • Park WLI supports WLI and PSI modes (PSI mode is supported with Motorized Filter Changer)
  • Available objectives lens magnification: 2.5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X
  • Two objective lenses can be automatically replaced by Motorized Linear Lens Changer

WLI Optical Interferometry

  • The height of sample surface at each pixel can be calculated from the light intensity variation due to interference while scanning the height of Mirau objective lens
  • White light interferometry (WLI) and phase shifting interferometry (PSI) are two popular techniques for surface characterization

NX-Hybrid WLI

Hotspot Detection and Review

Fast survey of hotspots and
automated review of hotspot defects

  • Hotspots of a patterned structure can be detected by comparing images of reference and target sample areas
  • High speed “hotspot detection” by WLI enables fast localization for defect sites for high resolution AFM review