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Park Systems at a glance

Park Systems Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopy systems for scientific research, nanoscale engineering, semiconductor fabrication and quality assurance. Park Systems provides a full range of AFM and related products to those in the chemistry, materials, physics, life sciences, and semiconductor industries. Its customers include most of the world's largest semiconductor companies and renowned scientific research universities and national labs.

Park Systems was established in 1997 with the mission to equip scientists and engineers with the most advanced AFM systems that enable them to see, measure and characterize things at the highest nanoscale resolution and accuracy. Since the time of its foundation, Park Systems has delivered on its promise with numerous innovations, including True Non-Contact Imaging, 3D metrology, and fully automated AFM systems for both research and industrial applications.


1982 - 1996

The advent and commercialization of AFM

In 1985, Sang-il Park, the CEO of Park Systems, was a PhD student and integral member of Professor Calvin Quate’s team at Stanford, which invented the atomic force microscopy (AFM) together with the researchers at IBM.

In 1988, Dr. Park upon his graduation took this technology out of the lab and founded Park Scientific Instruments (PSI), where it pioneered the commercialization of AFM. After releasing a series of AFM products that were sold into both academia and industry, PSI was acquired by Thermo Spectra in 1997.

1997 - 2007

The next generation AFM and Park Systems

Following the sales of PSI, Dr. Park founded PSIA to develop the next generation AFM that would solve the shortcomings of conventional systems: the monolithic scanning architecture that produced bowed images, and crosstalk phenomena that generated data artifacts.

PSIA introduced the new generation AFM Park XE series with a far superior AFM architecture consisting of decoupled XY (lateral) and the Z (vertical) scanners that provides markedly superior accurate height measurements and precision nanometrology.

Furthermore, PSIA developed the industrial AFM systems and succeeded in selling to the world’s largest data storage makers. This provided a platform for subsequent development of automated AFM for the semiconductor market.

On the business front, PSIA expanded its market reach by establishing subsidiaries in the US (2003) and in Japan (2007).

In the year 2007, PSIA changed its name to Park Systems.

2008 - 2015

Market lead and the IPO

Park Systems grew rapidly through the introduction of new AFM series, and expansion of the product lines. The newly launched Park NX series emerged as the most accurate AFM in the market. Park Systems provided the most comprehensive line of AFMs from research desktop to fully automated AFM systems integrated with robotic arms.

On the industrial side, Park Systems succeeded in forming a joint development program with IMEC, a world leading consortium for semiconductor and nano-electronics. This gave Park Systems a leg up into the advanced semiconductor market.

In 2015, Park Systems went IPO by listing initial public offering on KOSDAQ.

2016 - Present

Accelerated growth

Park Systems has accelerated its growth through expanded geographical coverage by adding new regional headquarters in Germany, UK, France, Singapore, India, China, Taiwan and Mexico.

Moreover, the successful penetration of its AFM systems into semiconductor fabs, and subsequent domination of this market has catapulted Park Systems onto the position of the world’s leading AFM manufacturer. In 2020, Forbes recognized Park Systems as the emerging top 200 companies under $1 Billion in Asia.

Park Systems recently launched the Park FX series that is a new leap forward in atomic force microscopy. The Park FX series AFM is an automatic AFM that hides all the complexities of an AFM system. It permits users to simply focus on their research instead of its tool operation.

In 2023, Park Systems expanded its business portfolio by acquiring Accurion GmbH, a Germany-based company that develops and manufactures imaging spectroscopic ellipsometers (ISE) and active vibration isolations (AVI).


Our Vision, Mission and Execution

Our Vision

Park Systems vision is to be the world's leading provider of nanometrology solutions to research labs and corporations and help them push the boundaries of their scientific research, engineering development and semiconductor fabrication

Our Mission


Park Systems mission is to enable nanoscale advances for scientists and engineers to discover and innovate products and solutions for the betterment of the world. Its undertaking allows scientists to view things at nanometer magnitudes and understand their characteristics at atomic and molecular level. To engineers, it empowers them to develop semiconductor devices of nanometers geometry and perform quality assurance at nanoscale precision.

How We Deliver

Park Systems delivers on its mission by providing researchers and engineers the AFM systems and solutions that allow them to study and innovate at nanometric scale. The Park AFM provides them with 3D topography images of atomic molecular resolution, and full metrology data including physical, mechanical, and electrical measurements.

Park Systems works closely with its clients and partners in providing the best technical assistance and innovating new products for their new emerging needs. Furthermore, Park Systems fosters the nanoscience and technology community by sponsoring every year the NANOscientific Symposiums held in major locations around the world.

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