Park NX-Hivac

Ideal for failure analysis
and sensitive materials research

XY Stage

22 mm X 22mm

XY Stage

Open space up to
50 mm x 50 mm, thickness up to 20 mm

High vacuum atomic
force microscope for
failure analysis and ​
materials research

Park NX-Hivac allows failure analysis engineers to
improve the sensitivity and repeatability​ of their ​AFM
​measurements through high vacuum​environment.
Because high vacuum ​measurement offers greater
accuracy, better repeatability, and less tip and
sample damage than ambient or dry N2 conditions,
users can measure a wide​r​ range of signal response​
in various failure analysis applications​​, such as
dopant concentration of Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM).

Park NX-Hivac enables materials scientific research
that requires ​high accuracy and high resolution
measurements in a vacuum environment free from ox​ygen and other agents.

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Performing Scanning Spreading Resistance
Microscopy (SSRM) measurements under high- vacuum conditions can reduce the required tip- sample interaction force, which can significantly
reduce damage to both the sample and the tip.
This will extend the life of each tip, making scanning cheaper and more convenient, and can provide more accurate results by improving spatial resolution and signal to noise ratio.
This makes high vacuum Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM) measurements conducted with the NX-Hivac an excellent choice for failure analysis engineers looking to increase their throughput, reduce costs, and improve accuracy.

Park Hivac Manager

NX-Hivac auto vacuum control

High vacuum is controlled by Hivac Manger, pumping
for the optimized vacuum condition and venting
processes are logically and visually controlled by one- button clicking. Each process is visually monitored by
color and schematic changes, you would not need to
worry about the sequence of vacuum operation after
click on a button. Faster and easier vacuum control
software brings you ease of use AFM operation and better productivity.

Automatic vacuum pumping and venting

The NX-Hivac lets users set up automatic controls
for vacuum pumping and venting, further
streamlining the scanning process and reducing
required human input. The average pumping
speed is to about 10-5 torr in < 5 min using Turbo
and Dry Pump.

Advanced automation features

The NX-Hivac features a range of tools that minimize
the required input from the user. This means you
can scan faster and increase your lab’s throughput.

StepScan Automation with Motorized

StepScan gives users the ability to program the
device to image multiple regions quickly and easily.
The NX-Hivac lets you scan a sample in just five
steps : Scan, lift cantilever, move motorized stage to
user defined coordinate, approach, and repeat. This
boosts productivity enormously and reduces
required user input to the absolute minimum.

Motorized laser alignment

Park’s motorized laser beam alignment lets the user
seamlessly continue automated measurement
routines without user input. With our advanced
pre-aligned cantilever holder, the laser beam is
focused on the cantilever upon tip exchange. The
laser spot is then optimized along the X- and Y-axis by motorized positioning knobs.

Increasing accuracy and productivity

Although the NX-Hivac is the world’s most accurate
high performance AFM, it is also one of the easiest to
use and convenient AFMs for failure analysis
applications. With Park NX-Hivac, you can increase
your productivity and trust that your results are sound.

Closed-loop XY and Z Scanners

With two independent closed-loop XY and Z flexure
scanners for the sample and probe tip, you can rest
assured that your scans will be extremely accurate.
The NX-Hivac offers flat and orthogonal XY scanning
with low residual bow, offering out of plane motion
less than 1 nm over the entire scan range.
The NX-Hivac also features a high speeds Z scanner
with a 15 μm scan range and Z scanner non-linearity
is less than 0.5%. This provides accurate 2D and 3D
measurements with no need for software processing.

Low Noise XYZ Position Sensors

The NX-Hivac features Park AFM’s industry leading
low noise Z detector that can accurately measure
sample topography while the low noise XY closed
loop scan minimizes the forward and backward scan
gap to less than 0.15% of the scan range.

Accurate Sample Topography Measured by Low Noise Z Detector

Minimize wasted time and maximize accuracy with
the trademark NX Series electronics controller
featured in the NX-Hivac. Our controller is an all
digital, 24-bit high speed device which gives the user
the ability to perform a wide range of scans including
our True Non-Contact™ Mode. With its low noise
design and high speed processing unit, the controller is ideal for precise voltage and current measurement as well as nano scale imaging. The embedded electronics also feature digital signal processing, allowing users to easily analyze measurements and imaging.

Park AFM Modes

Park Advanced AFM Modes

Park AFMs feature a comprehensive range of scanning modes so you can collect a wide array of data types accurately and efficiently. From the world’s only True Non-Contact™ Mode that preserves tip sharpness and sample integrity to advanced Magnetic Force Microscopy, Park offers the most innovative, accurate modes in the AFM industry.