Park NX20 Lite

The most affordable AFM system for wafer measurement
and analysis with the latest NX performance

XY Stage

150 mm (200 mm optional),
optional precision encoders for better XY stage repeatability

Sample size

Up to 150 mm wafer sample
Up to 200 mm wafer sample
(Optional 200 mm Vacuum Sample Chuck)

Increase your
productivity with our
powerfully versatile AFM

The Park NX20 Lite includes many unique capabilities that make it ideal for shared labs that handle a diverse range of samples, researchers doing multi variant experiments, and failure analysis engineers working on wafers. Its reasonable price and robust feature set also make it one of the best value large-sample AFMs in the industry.

The Most Convenient Sample
Measurements with MultiSample

  • Automated imaging of multiple samples in one pass
  • Specially designed multi-sample chuck for the loading of up to 16 individual samples (optionally available)
  • Fully motorized XY sample stage travels up to 150 mm x 150 mm

Accurate XY Scan by Crosstalk Elimination

  • Two independent, closed-loop XY and Z flexure scanners
  • Flat and orthogonal XY scan with low residual bow
  • More accurate height measurements enabled by NX electronic controller without any need for software processing

Best Tip Life, Resolution and Sample
Preservation by True Non-Contact™

  • Fast Z-servo speed enabling True Non-Contact™ Mode
  • Minimum tip wear for prolonged high-quality and high-resolution imaging

Versatile Range of Modes and Options

  • Comprehensive set of measurement modes and characterizations
  • Expanded capabilities with optional accessories and upgrades
  • Advanced electrical measurements for failure analysis (FA)

The most convenient sample measurements with MultiSample™ scan

Park NX20 Lite MultiSample™
scan system

  • Automated imaging of multiple samples in one pass
  • Specially designed multi-sample chuck for the loading of up to 16 individual samples
  • Fully motorized XY sample stage travels up to 150 mm x 150 mm

Using the motorized sample stage, MultiSample Scan™ enables programmable multiple region imaging in step-and-scan automation.

Here’s how it works :

  • Register multiple scan positions defined by a
  • Image from the first scan position
  • Lift a cantilever
  • Move the motorized stage to the next user defined coordinate
  • Approach
  • Repeat scan

The registration of multiple scan positions is easily
carried out by either entering sample-stage
coordinates or sample de-skewing by two
reference points. This automated feature greatly
increases productivity by reducing the need for
your interaction during the scan process.

Flat Orthogonal XY
Scanning without
Scanner Bow

Park's Crosstalk Elimination scanner structure removes scanner bow, allowing flat orthogonal XY scanning regardless of scan location, scan rate, and scan size. It shows no background curvature even on flattest samples, such as an optical flat, and with various scan offsets. This provides you with a very accurate height measurement and precision nanometrology for the most challenging problems in research and engineering.

Decoupled XY and Z Scanners

The fundamental difference between Park and its closest competitor is in the scanner architecture. Park’s unique flexure based independent XY scanner and Z scanner design allows unmatched data accuracy in nano resolution further improved with NX AFM Head (Z scanner) powered by NX AFM electronic controller.

Industry Leading Low Noise Z Detector

Park AFMs are equipped with the most effective low noise Z detectors in the field, with a noise of 0.02 nm over large bandwidth. This produces highly accurate sample topography and no edge overshoot. Just one of the many ways Park NX series saves you time and gives you better data.

Accurate Sample Topography Measured by Low Noise Z Detector

Accurate Sample Topography Measured by Low Noise Z Detector

  • Uses low noise Z detector signal for topography
  • NX electronic controller provides low Z detector noise of 0.02 nm over large bandwidth
  • Has no edge overshoot at the leading and trailing edges
  • Needs calibration done only once at the factory

Sample: 1.2 μm Nominal Step Height
(9 μm x 1 μm, 2048 pixels x 128 lines)

Better tip life,
sample preservation,
and accuracy with
True Non-Contact™ Mode

True Non-Contact™ Mode is a scan mode unique to Park AFM systems that produces high resolution and accurate data by preventing destructive tip-sample interaction during a scan.

Unlike in contact mode, where the tip contacts the sample continuously during a scan, or in tapping mode, where the tip touches the sample periodically, a tip used in non-contact mode does not touch the sample. Because of this, use of non-contact mode has several key advantages. Scanning at the highest resolution throughout imaging is now possible as the tip’s sharpness is maintained. Non-contact mode avoids damaging soft samples as the tip and sample surface avoid direct contact.

Accurate Feedback by Faster Z-servo enables True Non-Contact AFM

  • Non-destructive tip-sample interaction → Minimized sample modification
  • Maintains non-contact scan over a wide range of samples and conditions

Furthermore, non-contact mode senses tip-sample interactions occurring all around the tip. Forces occurring laterally to tip approach to the sample are detected. Therefore, tips used in non-contact mode can avoid crashing into tall structures that may suddenly appear on a sample surface. Contact and tapping modes only detect the force coming from below the tip and are vulnerable to such crashes.

Park AFM Modes

Park Advanced AFM Modes

Park AFMs feature a comprehensive range of scanning modes so you can collect a wide array of data types accurately and efficiently. From the world’s only True Non-Contact™ Mode that preserves tip sharpness and sample integrity to advanced Magnetic Force Microscopy, Park offers the most innovative, accurate modes in the AFM industry.