Park NX20

The premiere choice for
failure analysis

XY Stage

150 mm X 150 mm (Motorized)

Sample size

Open space up to 150 mm x 150 mm,
thickness up to 20 mm (Optionally, up to 200 mm x 200 mm)

The leading nano
metrology tool for failure
analysis and large sample

As an FA engineer, you’re expected to deliver results.
There’s no room for error in the data provided by
your instruments. Park NX20, with its reputation as
the world’s most accurate large sample AFM, is rated
so highly in the semiconductor and hard disk
industry for its data accuracy.

More powerful failure analysis

Park NX20 is equipped with unique features that
make it easier to uncover the reasons behind
device failure and develop more creative solutions.
Its unparalleled precision provides high resolution
data that lets you focus on your work, while its
True Non-Contact™ mode scan keeps tips sharper
and longer, so you won’t have to waste as much
time and money replacing them.

Easy to use, even for entry level

Park NX20 has one of the most user friendly
designs and automated interfaces in the industry,
so you won’t have to spend as much time and
energy using the tool and supervising junior
engineers with the system.
This lets you focus your experience on solving
bigger problems and providing insightful and
timely failure analysis to your customers.

Accurate AFM Solutions
for FA and Research

Sidewall measurements for
3D structure study

The NX20’s innovative architecture lets you detect
the sidewall and surface of the sample, and
measure their angle. This gives the unit the
versatility you need to do more innovative
research and gain deeper insights.

Surface roughness measurements for
media and substrates

Surface roughness is one of the key applications
where Park NX20 can excel and deliver
the accurate failure analysis and quality assurance.

High resolution electrical scan mode

QuickStep SCM
The Fastest Scanning Capacitance Microscopy

PinPoint AFM
The Frictionless Conductive AFM

Accurate AFM Scan by
True Non-Contact™ Mode

True Non-Contact™ Mode

True Non-Contact™ Mode is a scan mode unique
to Park AFM systems that produces high resolution
and accurate data by preventing destructive tip-sample interaction during a scan.

Accurate Feedback by Faster Z-servo enables
True Non-Contact AFM

  • Less tip wear → Prolonged high-resolution scan
  • Non-destructive tip-sample interaction → Minimized sample modification
  • Maintains non-contact scan over a wide range of samples and conditions

Unlike in contact mode, where the tip contacts
the sample continuously during a scan, or in
tapping mode, where the tip touches the sample
periodically, a tip used in non-contact mode does
not touch the sample. Because of this, use of non-contact mode has several key advantages.
Scanning at the highest resolution throughout
imaging is now possible as the tip’s sharpness is maintained.

Accurate AFM
Topography with
Low Noise Z Detector

True Sample Topography™
without piezo creep error

Our AFMs are equipped with the most effective
low noise Z detectors in the field, with a noise
of .02 nm over large bandwidth.
This produces highly accurate sample topography,
no edge overshoot and no need for calibration.
Just one of the many ways Park AFM saves your
time and gives you better data.

  • Low noise Z detector signal is used for topography
  • Low Z detector noise of 0.02 nm over large bandwidth
  • No edge overshoot at the leading and trailing edges
  • Calibration needs to be done only once at the factory

Park AFM Modes

Park Advanced AFM Modes

Park AFMs feature a comprehensive range of scanning modes so you can collect a wide array of data types accurately and efficiently. From the world’s only True Non-Contact™ Mode that preserves tip sharpness and sample integrity to advanced Magnetic Force Microscopy, Park offers the most innovative, accurate modes in the AFM industry.

QuickStep SCM Mode

QuickStep Scan

With the implementation of QuickStep scan, the
throughput of the SCM measurement was
dramatically increased, as much as ten times the
standard SCM scan speeds, without compromising
signal sensitivity, spatial resolution or data
In QuickStep scan, the XY scanner stops at each
pixel point to record the data.
It makes a fast jump between the pixel points.

Scan size

10µm×3µm, AC Bias: 0.5 Vp-v, DC Bias: 0 V

QuickStep Scan

Rather than continuous movements, the XY
scanner stop at each data acquisition point.

Conventional Scan

Rather than continuous movements, the XY
scanner stop at each data acquisition point.

Accurate Dopant
Profiling by Park SCM

In semiconductor manufacturing, the ability to
characterize the dopant profile is important in
identifying causes of failure as well as in making
design advancements.
For device characterization, scanning capacitance
microscopy (SCM) provides the unique ability to
measure quantitative 2D dopant profiles.

PinPoint Conductive
AFM Mode

PinPoint Conductive AFM was developed for well
defined electric contact between the tip and the
sample. They XY scanner stops during the electric
current acquisition with contact time controlled
by a user. PinPoint Conductive AFM allows higher
spatial resolution,
without lateral force, with optimized current
measurement over different sample surface.

The comparison of conductive AFM images of ZnO
nanorods show that the conventional contact
conductive AFM may have a higher current
measurement than tapping conductive AFM, but
its resolution is compromised as the tip wears out
in contact mode topography. The new PinPoint
conductive AFM shows the best of both higher
spatial resolution and optimized current

High-bandwidth, Low-noise
Conductive AFM

Conductive AFM is an important tool in various
device research, especially failure analysis in industry.
Park conductive AFM has the most competitive
specification in the market, having both the lowest
current noise level in the industry and the largest gain range.

  • The lowest current noise level in the industry
    (0.1 pA)
  • Maximum current in the industry (10 μA)
  • Largest gain selection covers 7 orders of magnitude (103 ~109)